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Search is straightforward – but if you look in the wrong direction you’ll almost certainly end up with the wrong person.
And if you don’t look deeply enough, you’ll be deeply disappointed with your new recruit. So what’s the answer?
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Your search is at an end
It all starts with the brief. Many of our clients rely on us to help them identify just exactly what’s needed. The role here stretches into resource planning and team development – traditional HR roles that we’ve become quite good at after so many years of practice. The goal here is to understand the chemistry that would need to exist between candidate and the organisation, so we always insist on meeting client representatives to ensure we fully understand the nature of the role, team dynamics and the culture of the business.
Within a relatively short space of time (and via totally confidential search techniques) we will have identified a number of potential candidates and have shortlisted them for consideration. We will of course personally interview each and every one of them to ensure you only need to see the very best for the role.
For obvious reasons our research methodology needs to remain confidential – but our success in finding a cross section of eligible candidates quickly is one we are rightly proud of.
So from many . . . we filter to the few . . . and we commit to keep you fully informed on progress throughout the entire process.
And we are constantly in touch with some of the very best people in the industry – both at grass roots graduate level right through to senior board level.
To find out more about how we can help your organisation find the perfect candidate, please contact us using the button below.