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To find the very best people in the industry, a simple advert in the local fashion press just won't cut it – nowadays you really do need an international perspective to stay ahead of the game.
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International affairs . . .
Over the last few years there has been a significant and noticeable trend in the number of people willing to pursue careers in other countries – especially within Europe and throughout the Far East. And there are of course many talented and experienced individuals who would welcome another overseas challenge . . . or even a return to the UK.
Omni-channel retailing and the speed of globalisation has opened up many opportunities for careers in a number of key countries. Skills within this industry are very transferable, and multi-lingual abilities are currently sought after almost everywhere.
It might surprise you to learn, that in the last twelve months we have place people in New Zealand, Italy, Dubai, India and China – only one of whom was employed in the UK at that time. Our reach and our network are truly ‘international’.
And whilst we have a natural instinct for unearthing the finest talent – making sure they are appropriate for your organization is always the greater challenge.
So if you requirement is a designer for Denmark or a buyer for Belgium then look no further. We’ll pinpoint the right person for your specific business needs – wherever they currently work.
And we are constantly in touch with some of the very best people in the industry – both at grass roots graduate level right through to senior board level.
To find out more about how we can help your organisation find the perfect candidate, please contact us using the button below.