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Whether the role is an unexpected vacancy, part of a planned expansion or a newly created position, you need to be sure the right person fills the post. Which is why you need a whole lot more than just a recruitment agency.
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Are we the resource you've been looking for?
A diligent and thorough search, careful and sensitive selection – coupled with direct headhunting when necessary – are the everyday core activities we perform for every commission.
A successful hire depends upon the right fit to your objectives and culture, rather than simply the correct skill set. We are a niche business with a hands-on approach to every client throughout the entire recruitment process. This personal relationship means we consistently provide the high standard we are known for.
We do not sit on the fence; we tend to have an opinion and we are happy to share it with you. This openness and honesty promotes healthy relationships, which benefit all concerned. Similarly, we deliver what we promise and we deliver it on time.
Our client base stretches right across the footwear and accessories industry – from international brands to omni-chanel retailers and from niche UK manufacturers to global supply chain operators. We have a vast wealth of knowledge and experience at your disposal.
We are the preferred supplier and sole agency for many of our clients and hold an excellent record of making long-term placements. We treat everyone we work with as a client, including our candidates. Thanks to our professionalism and the exceptional quality of our service, many of our candidates go on to become our clients.
If you are looking to recruit for any of the disciplines below, we should naturally be your first port of call.
We have the largest selection of candidates on file from across the industry – both locally and internationally, and our network runs deep within the very fabric of the industry.
• Board appointments
• Heads of key business functions
• Design creative and trend
• Product and category managers
• Operations, supply chain and sourcing
• Product developers and technologists
• Production
• Buying and Merchandising
• Sales and marketing
• Client services and account managers
And we are constantly in touch with some of the very best people in the industry – both at grass roots graduate level right through to senior board level.
To find out more about how we can help your organisation find the perfect candidate, please contact us using the button below.